Dr. Conrad Murray Strikes Child Support Deal

11/16/2009 4:43 PM PST

Dr. Conrad Murray Strikes Child Support Deal

Dr. Conrad Murray was in court today in Las Vegas over child support payments to the mother of his child. Here's how it went down:

-- And just like that ... it's over. Dr. Murray has left the building.

UPDATE 2:50 PM ET -- The judge just said the baby mama has a right to waive the back support, so the slate is clean. But the judge added Murray must now make regular monthly payments and the court will check in with him every three months and if he keeps paying on time he won't be jailed. Next court date -- January 4th, and Murray must show.

UPDATE: 2:49 PM ET -- The judge asked Dr. Murray if he paid any of the $13,000 to her. He answered, "No, your honor." First we've heard him speak today.

UPDATE 2:47 PM ET -- The baby mama in question has just waived her right to the $13,000 Dr. Murray owes, provided she gets $1,003 a month in support from now on. This is the agreement the parties struck. Murray also paid $700 in court. The judge is confused -- why would she waive the 13 grand?

-- Dr. Murray is in court with his lawyer, but the baby mama is out of town and won't be appearing.

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