Joey Fatone Plays Hardball Over Life-Size R2D2

2/17/2010 6:08 AM PST

Joey Fatone Plays Hardball Over Life-Size R2D2

Joey Fatone's life-size replica of R2D2 isn't just an expensive toy -- the robot hero played a key role in a multi-million dollar real estate deal ... gone bad.

The R2D2 happened to catch the eye of a person interested in buying Joey's 12,370 sq. ft., $5.5 million Orlando mansion.

But the potential buyer didn't just want the house, he also wanted the "Star Wars" figure ... and a bunch of other cool stuff in the home.

According to Joey's rep, Fatone drafted a list of all the awesome items in the home that he was willing to part with -- along with the amount of money he planned to charge for each one. Some of the highlights include:

-- The R2D2 ... $40,000
-- Two Peter Pan Paintings: "We Can Fly" and "1st Look at Neverland" ... $2,700 for the pair
-- Video Games: Ms Pac-Man, Galaga, Centipede, and Multi Video Game Unit ... $4,500
-- Old Fashion Coke Machine ... $200

In the end the deal went belly up ... and it's unclear why the potential buyer decided to pass. Maybe The Force just wasn't strong with him.