The 'Lost' Diary -- Recon

3/17/2010 7:21 AM PDT

The 'Lost' Diary -- Recon

Welcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

Theory my friend Chris tossed out to me this week: People who are Team Not Locke don't change for the better in their flash-sideways; they still remain who they are at the core. People who are against him seem to improve. Interesting thought. Something to keep in mind going forward.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. Let's roll ...

9:00 -- No "Previously on 'Lost'"? What's going on here?

9:01 -- Sawyer is Team Not Locke right now, as he explains, to Jin ... but I don't feel like he's a lock to stay that way. 9:02 -- Sawyer just finished doing the deed with some woman ... who called him Jimmy. Is there no Sawyer in this flash-sideways?

9:03 -- "You weren't exactly supposed to see that." -- Sawyer. Wait a minute, I've heard that line before ...

9:04 -- Or not.

9:05 -- "Surprise." -- Well, kinda. This goes with two of the things I just mentioned -- people who go against Not Locke change for the better and Sawyer eventually switches teams.

9:07 -- Not Locke refers to the Black Smoke almost as if it's a separate entity. Interesting ...

9:08 -- "I ain't with anybody, Kate." -- Sawyer

9:09 -- "Hello, is this Anthony Cooper? This is Det. James Ford, LAPD." -- That sentence was weird on several levels.

9:10 -- Hmmm, James is searching for this Anthony Cooper. Maybe Sawyer isn't fully dead yet. And Miles' dad (alive!) has a friend that works at the museum. Gotta be Juliet, right?

9:11 -- Every relationship has its breaking points -- cheating, lying, mistrust ... the Sawyer/Not Locke relationship see.

9:12 -- "I am the Smoke Thing." -- Not Locke

9:13 -- "You are the best liar I ever met." -- Not Locke

9:18 -- Once he said redhead, it hit me ... Charlotte.

9:19 -- Charlotte is trying to get deep with James.

9:20 -- "Not bad considering we didn't have that whip." -- Charlotte. I am starting to like her.

9:21 -- The Sawyer File -- knew it still had to exist.

9:22 -- Back on the Hydra Island. Brings back memories ...

9:23 -- Gee, Sayid looks like he is doing great, doesn't he?

9:24 -- After a below-average girl fight, Not Locke slaps Claire one time good. I am jealous.

9:25 -- Sawyer found the Ajira plane, which looks to be in pretty good shape.

9:26 -- Who is this chick? I felt like we were past new people.

9:30 -- Charlie's brother?

9:31 -- Miles is doing the "I'm breaking up with you as my partner" thing 'cause he found out Sawyer went to Australia and not Palm Springs. I'd have congratulated him on banging Charlotte, but Miles went the other way.

9:32 -- This woman is lying, right?

9:33 -- Not Locke is talking to Kate for Claire.

9:34 -- Sawyer has to know she's lying, right?

9:35 -- Sawyer finally caught on ... but a tad late. Or maybe that was his plan all along ...

9:41 -- Not Locke is opening up about his mother. Quite odd.

9:42 -- "Now, Aaron has a crazy mother too." -- Not Locke

9:43 -- Welcome to Team Widmore, Sawyer. If Widmore offered to take Sawyer off the island now, would he?

9:44 -- James watching "Little House on the Prairie."

9:45 -- What's behind the locked door?

9:46 -- I love scenes that bring together two characters who have been on the show for years .. but have never met.

9:48 -- A Sawyer/Widmore alliance -- who will screw her too?

9:52 -- Claire gave Kate a tear-filled apology. I don't buy it.

9:54 -- Sawyer spilled the beans to Not Locke, telling him all about his deal with Widmore. Kinda surprised to see him stay on Team Not Locke.

9:55 -- Sawyer is giving Miles the Sawyer Speech.

9:56 -- Who crashed into James' car? Charlie? Desmond?

9:57 -- Kate. Interesting.

9:58 -- Sawyer wants to pit Team Widmore against Team Not Locke.

9:59 -- Kate wants to know who is going to fly the plane ... but Sawyer says they are taking the sub. Really? Is a sub more easy to use than a plane? I don't get that.

So the consequences of Team Not Locke and Team Jack (?) are becoming more and more clear -- and I think the theory of the flash-sideways showing us who ended up where is becoming more evident.

Everyone is who they were, but maybe just off a degree. James is still looking for Sawyer, but now he's a cop. Kate is still a fugitive, but she helps Claire. Jack is still divorced, but he has a kid (and maybe he's becoming a good dad).

Can a person really change who they are? It's been a theme for "Lost" since the beginning. Call it redemption, if you want.

Can a person change who they are? What do you think the producers of "Lost" think?

I give this episode a B. I definitely enjoyed it, enjoyed the flash-sideways more than usual and I thought the episode moved along quite well. The dialog lacked a certain zip for me to bump it up into that B+ territory (sacred ground). Overall though, quite good.