The 'Lost' Diary -- Across the Sea

5/12/2010 7:00 AM PDT

The 'Lost' Diary -- Across the Sea

Welcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. Flying solo tonight. Let's roll ...

9:00 -- If I wasn't confused enough by the random pregnant woman who washed ashore, now I have Allison Janney -- easily one of my five favorite actresses --  helping her out. Can't "Lost" ever start off simple?

9:01 -- "The same way you got here … by accident" -- C.J. Cregg

9:02 -- Will Claudia give birth to Jacob, the MIB, or both? My money is on both.

9:03 -- "His name is Jacob." -- Claudia

9:04 -- Oh look, another baby is coming … CALLED IT!!!! Nice touch with the blankets.

9:05 -- OH DEAR LORD -- C.J. Cregg has gone mad. RIP Claudia.

9:08 -- Young MIB found a game on the beach and wants to play with Young Jacob -- who appears to be the random kid Not Locke kept seeing in the forest .

9:10 -- "You're … special." -- C.J. Cregg

9:11 -- "There is nowhere else. The island is all there is." -- C.J. Cregg

9:12 -- C.J. just told Young MIB he will never have to worry about being dead. Just a mother talking … or something else?

9:13 -- Young Jacob and Young MIB were chasing after a boar when they encountered a few other people … and went screaming back to their mommy.

9:14 -- "It's not time yet." -- C.J. Cregg

9:15 -- "I've made it so you can never hurt each other." -- C.J. Cregg

9:16 -- Dear Allison Janney, please stop blowing my mind. Thanks, Daniel.

9:17 -- "It will have to be one of you." -- C.J. Cregg

9:21 -- "Because it's against the rules." -- Young MIB

9:22 -- Young MIB is following Dead Claudia around the jungle, where she has told him C.J. Cregg is not his mother. Add that sentence to the growing list of completely ridiculous things I have written that somehow make total sense.

9:24 -- Young MIB wants to go across the sea, back "home." Keep wishing, kid.

9:25 -- "Whatever you have been told, you will never be able to leave this island." -- C.J. Cregg

9:26 -- "I needed you to stay good." -- C.J. Cregg

9:32 -- Jacob and MIB are playing their little game, talking about "the bad people" MIB now lives with.

9:33 -- "I found a way off the island." -- MIB

9:34 -- Interesting that Jacob and MIB have aged to this point … but apparently they won't for much longer.

9:35 -- C.J. Cregg has decided it's time to pay MIB a visit. I am guessing it won't end well for her.

9:36 -- MIB has been looking for the light for the past 30 years. He appears to have finally found it

9:37 -- "It's a wheel." -- MIB

9:38 -- I can't tell … is C.J. Cregg aging? Or has she stayed the same this whole time? Probably doesn't matter, just curious.

9:44 -- "Jacob … it's time." -- C.J. Cregg

9:45 -- "Just promise me, no matter what you do, you will never go down there." -- C.J. Cregg

9:46 -- "You will protect this place for as long as you can, and then you will find your replacement." -- C.J. Cregg

9:47 --  "Now, you and I, are the same." -- C.J. Cregg

9:48 -- MIB's well is no more … and look, there's black smoke off in the distance.

9:49 -- Whoa, C.J. Cregg kicks some ass, huh?

9:54 -- I have a feeling C.J. Cregg is about to become the first victim of the Black Smoke Monster.

9:55 -- Or a simple knife in the back will do.

:56 -- "Thank you." -- RIP C.J. Cregg.

9:57 -- In the tunnel of light you go, MIB.

9:58 -- And out comes the Black Smoke Monster.

9:59 -- "Who are they? Where did they come from?" -- Kate. And now we know …

10:00 -- "Our very own Adam and Eve." -- Locke

Ask and ye shall receive.I was talking with a few people this week about how "Lost" might end. Of course, none of us knows -- but we've all theorized that the last scene will be Jack and Locke on the beach (ala Jacob and MIB on the beach earlier this season). 

I am pretty sure my exact quote was this -- "I am fine with Jack being the new Jacob. But first I want to see how Jacob became Jacob in the first place."

Ask and ye shall receive. I think what I loved most about this episode was that I got the answers I was looking for … and yet now I have all those same questions all over again -- but this time about C.J. Cregg. Who is she? How did she get there? How did she get these powers?

But I don't think any of that matters. If you think "Lost" is ending without throwing a whole slew of unanswered questions at you, well then you just haven't been watching the same show I have.

I got my Jacob/MIB backstory and that's all I wanted. I would have liked to have seen more of Jacob and MIB on the island once they became who they were -- much like I would have liked to have seen more of Richard being Jacob's errand boy. But that's OK.

I give this episode a B+. I can't put it in the top tier of episodes, but I think it falls just below. It's definitely another episode that makes me feel comfortable about the end of "Lost" -- which is now just 3.5 hours away.