Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years -- BUT ...

7/7/2011 6:45 AM PDT

Casey Anthony Sentencing -- 4 Years, BUT ...

Casey Anthony just received 4 years in jail  for providing false information to a police officer ... but she's not going to be locked up for the next 4 years ... not even close.  She could actually become a free woman within about a month.

Anthony escaped the death penalty when the jury found her not guilty of murder.

The defense argued that Casey's lying to cops was really just one continuous act -- not 4 separate ones ... and therefore Anthony should be sentenced to 1 year in jail -- not 4 years (one for each lie).

Judge Belvin Perry begged to differ, calling each untruth "separate and distinct lies."

But Anthony got credit for time already served -- she's been locked up for approximately 2 years 10 months.  The judge must still compute how much time she gets for good time credit.

The judge said he needs to do some math first ... but Anthony could get out late this month or next.