'The Voice' Makes Big Move To Kill 'X Factor'

9/5/2012 4:45 PM PDT

'The Voice' Makes Big Move to Kill 'X Factor'

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and "The Voice" are making a ballsy move to put an end to "X Factor" -- the network just pulled a last minute sneak attack ... rearranging its programming schedule next week, so "The Voice" goes head-to-head with its main competition.

NBC just announced it would be adding a third episode to next week's line-up, scheduled to air Wednesday night -- at the exact same time "X Factor" is scheduled to premiere.

The first two episodes of "The Voice" will air Monday and Tuesday nights.

NBC had previously scheduled "America's Got Talent" for the Wednesday prime time spot, but the network must be feeling confident in the new season of "The Voice" ... so it made a quick swap.

In case you didn't know, tensions between the two shows have been running pretty high -- "X Factor" creator Simon Cowell recently directed a couple "X Factor" rejects to audition for "The Voice." Burn.

So far, no word from "X Factor" honchos.