TMZ Live Katt Williams' Victim The Mystery Pink Slip

12/4/2012 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Katt Williams' Victim -- The Mystery Pink Slip

TMZ Live

That Target employee who got slapped by Katt Williams just got FIRED! Dude didn't even fight back ... so why'd he get 86'd? We'll hear his side of the story -- plus, why Katt's suddenly talking about retiring!

Also, Nick Lachey's alleged victim in that scrap at a Chargers game joins us, claiming Lachey was running his mouth all day -- until one comment finally crossed the line.

And, T.I. is in the newsroom -- talking about his new album, reality tv, fake street cred, Lindsay Lohan, and ... hockey?!! Dude's so chill ... we almost gave him his own cubicle.
(0:00) This is shocking -- the Target employee whom Katt Williams bitch-slapped got fired ... and he has no idea why. And... Katt claims he's retiring from comedy after yet another altercation.
(5:45) Chris Brown lights up in Amsterdam -- then posts photos of his pot-stravaganza online. It's not illegal, but it's still not the smartest move for a guy on probation.
(10:00) Nick Lachey's alleged victim calls in give a blow-by-blow of what he says went down ... and says he's on the fence about taking legal action against the former boy bander.
(14:00) Mitt Romney shops at Costco! We got photos of his shopping spree ... which revealed he buy product made in China!!! The nerve.
(18:00) T.I. is in the house! You won't believe how many unreleased songs he's got in his arsenal.
(22:00) We show T.I. our video of rapper Tyga's failed stint on an MTV show -- you gotta see T.I.'s reaction ... it's priceless.
(24:10) Not even DMX's "Rudolph" remix inspires T.I. to consider recording a Christmas album.
(27:00) Kyle Richards calls in to talk about her ultimate dream coming true -- she met Justin Bieber! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
(30:00) Nick Gordon's arrest video is ridiculous -- dude was blaring Whitney Houston music the whole time.
(33:15) Dustin Hoffman thinks Hillary Clinton is going to run for president in 2016.
(35:45) What are the top five sitcoms of all-time?
(38:40) The floor is yours!