TMZ Live Lil Poopy Investigation Too Young for Coke Rap?

2/27/2013 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Rapper Lil Poopy Investigation -- Too Young to Rhyme About Coke?

TMZ Live

Lil Poopy is a 9-year-old rapper who's already got legal troubles! Child services officials are investigating after seeing his video for "Coke Ain't a Bad Word." Does a kid slapping big booties while rapping about coke cross the line -- or is it harmless entertainment?

Plus, Britney Spears and Cee Lo Green are starting a revolution -- younger singers setting up shop on the Las Vegas Strip. AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys joined us to explain why they're suddenly willing to go the way of Cher, Celine and Elton.

Also ... Ricky Schroeder's showdown with an airport employee -- over carry-on bags! How did things get physical at LAX? Depends on who you ask. We'll tell you what Ricky's saying about the incident.
0:00 - Viva Las Vegas! Cee Lo Green takes his act to the Strip.
5:57 - Harvey has a new favorite rapper, and you guessed it-- his name's Lil Poopy. Bet you won't guess his age, though!
10:23 - Copied and pasted from the headlines: Looks like Lindsay Lohan may get off easy yet again.
15:01 - Mary-Louise Parker faces shocking allegations from an antique shop owner.
17:49 - Plenty of fans watch NASCAR for the crashes... Should injured fans who survived Saturday's monster wreck at Daytona be suing?
22:45 - Rick Schroder gets handsy with one of our favorite airport security guards.
25:51 - Kevin Costner takes aim at his old 'Robin Hood' studio in hopes of taking from the rich and giving to... well, himself. (He's already rich.)
28:21 - One aspiring football player faces a provocative question at the NFL Combine, shining light on a far bigger issue.
31:11 - First Lady Michelle Obama slips up on Good Morning America, but they cover for her. (Only to cut time.)
36:04 - We take your calls and comments!
40:02 - We struggle to comprehend what the heck's going on with Justin Bieber.
40:51 - Strike up the world's tiniest violin! Candy Spelling faces eviction from her $28,000-per-month condo.