TMZ Live Chad Johnson in Court Screwed & Upstaged

6/10/2013 11:15 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Chad Johnson in Court -- Screwed & Upstaged

TMZ Live

Chad Johnson was shockingly and suddenly thrown in jail for 30 days after playfully slapping his MALE attorney's ass. We think the judge is way outta line -- but "People's Court" Judge Marilyn Milian called in to explain why she thinks the judge was justified!

Plus, Miley Cyrus puts on a twerking clinic live on stage ... but it might not have happened without Amber Rose! Wiz Khalifa's fianceé joined us to weigh in on the question of the day -- is Miley a real deal twerker?

And, Justin Bieber's bodyguards are now accused of flashing a gun during their alleged robbery of a photographer. You gotta see why Harvey thinks this is the official sign Justin's "circling the drain."
(0:00) Chad Johnson's judge blew her top when he ass-slapped his lawyer ... but Judge Milian calls in to explain why she's on the judge's side.
(9:00) Paris Jackson -- better in Debbie Rowe's custody?
(14:00) Jane Lynch's marriage is over -- which raises a few questions about gay marriage.
(18:00) Miley Cyrus -- twerking her way into adulthood. Amber Rose calls in to explain why Miley deserves her spot as Maxim's hottest.
(24:00) Beyonce proves yet again she's not pregnant. And again.
(28:00) Ciara got served -- by one of the hottest, greatest process servers off all-time.
(32:00) Justin Bieber's bodyguards get into yet another scuffle with photographers ... and this time a gun was allegedly involved.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Erin Brockovich -- immediate induction into the mug shot Hall of Fame.