TMZ Live Ex-VJ Kennedy: Michael Jordan Gambled with My Virginity

7/2/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Ex-MTV VJ Kennedy Says Michael Jordan Gambled with Her Virginity

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Michael Jordan, dice, and big a sex proposition -- former MTV VJ Kennedy joins us to explain what she says went down the night she laid her virginity on the line while gambling with the NBA legend.

Plus, ex-Patriots star Aaron Hernandez had multiple run-ins with cops on the West Coast ... just a couple months before he was charged with murder.  Did cops and his fiancée ignore signs of a violent streak?

And, Ryan Seacrest's super hot party boat lady friends -- we know who they are ... and whether or not he's hooking up with them.
(0:00) A judge orders rapper Meek Mills to go to eitquette classes -- and Harveys smells racism.
(6:00) Paris Jackson denied treatment by a facility that's worried about her attracting photographers.
(10:00) Aaron Hernandez -- a histoy of violence.
(15:00) Justin Bieber finally has one person in Calabasas who doesn't think he's a bad neighbor.
(18:00) Former MTV VJ Kennedy joins us to explain what did -- and didn't -- go down between her and Michael Jordan in a bathroom.
(24:00) Wade Robson alleges Michael Jackson had an alarm that warmed him when people were going to walk in on him molesting people.
(28:00) CNN's special on the n-word -- they said it a TON of times to show how offensive the word really is ... but did they do more harm than good?
(32:00) A "Breaking Amish" star poses for Maxim -- she joins us to explain why she left the farm ... and doesn't want to go back.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Ryan Seacrest's party boat lady friends ... identified!