TMZ Live Kourtney Kardashian Cheater Or Victim?

8/9/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Kourtney Kardashian -- Cheater Or Victim?

TMZ Live

Kourtney Kardashian accused of cheating on Scott Disick and squirting out a kid that isn't his -- does the model she allegedly hooked up really have proof ... or is this one of the craziest publicity ploys ever?

And, Usher hugs it out with Tameka Raymond after he beats her in court -- was it just a nice guy move ... or a perfectly executed PR move?

Plus, Nick Jonas joins us to explain how his life has changed after posting the ripped, shirtless photo of himself ... and it looks like there will be more to come!
(0:00) Kourtney Kardashian accused of being a cheater -- but can the guy really prove it?
(6:00) Amanda Bynes -- what do you do with a potential schizophrenic who's in their 20s?
(10:00) Leah Remini's battle with the Church of Scientology -- is the woman she filed a missing person report for really okay?
(15:00) Chris Brown suffers a possible seizure.
(18:00) Nick Jonas joins us to talk about that crazy shirtless selfie he posted ... and what's in store for his shirtless future!
(24:00) Usher and his ex-wife hug it out -- but was it genuine?
(29:00) Oprah Winfrey racist Switzerland story forces the country to apologize to her. Talk about power.
(32:00) Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth back together ... and it couldn't be more awkward.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Heidi Klum is looking at Katy Perry's old digs ... and it's pretty bad ass.