TMZ Live Lamar's Shopping Trip Bad Sign for Drug Recovery

9/11/2013 11:58 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Lamar Odom's Shopping Trip -- Bad Sign for Drug Recovery

TMZ Live

Lamar Odom insists he doesn't need help for drug addiction -- yet, he's spotted leaving a store with copper scrubbing pads ... a product commonly used for makeshift crack pipes. Anyone buying that he's just cleaning up at home?

Plus, Tom Hanks was the perfect juror until someone from the prosecutor's office got starstruck. We had all the fallout from court as the story was breaking.

And, rapper Juicy J is offering a $50,000 college scholarship ... especially for excellent twerkers! Bad idea? JJ joined us to discuss, and got some tips from Harv. On the scholarship, not twerking.
(0:00) Lamar Odom -- more signs he's in the thralls of crack addiction ... and we have photos.
(6:00) Tom Hanks -- the most famous juror of all-time?
(10:00) Gia Allemand's mother has a strange theory about why Gia committed suicide ... her menstrual cycle.
(14:00) Video of George Zimmerman smashing his wife's iPad surfaces ... so when are we going to see the video from the iPad?
(18:00) Rapper Juicy J joins us to talk about offering a $50,000 twerking scholarship ... and to back down on taking a stand against Molly use.
(24:00) Nicki Minaj gets out of a ticket -- and it's total celebrity justice.
(29:00) The Game is the Robin of the hood -- he's giving money out all over the place to help out those in need.
(32:00) NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo gets royally screwed in a real-life storage war gone wrong.
(34:00) Miley Cyrus overtakes One Direction ... setting a new record.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Time read some more hate mail!