TMZ Live Paul Walker Death Porsche's 'Racecar' is Risky Business

12/3/2013 9:42 AM PST

TMZ Live: Paul Walker Death -- Porsche's 'Racecar' is Risky Business

TMZ Live

Paul Walker's death might have been the result of riding in a sports car that's really built to be a race car. The Carrera GT is so powerful, and so temperamental ... Porsche even issued a warning to dealers. Should the car be street legal?

Plus, Jada Pinkett-Smith hits the beach and shows off her amazing body -- but she did it with her kids there. Cool to go super sexy while your children have to watch?

And, Charlie Sheen's epic rejection of his three porn star girlfriends -- we'll tell you why and how he did it ... and who's taken their place.

(0:00) Vin Diesel addresses a crowd at the site of Paul Walker's car crash -- and we talk to a racing expert who explains the dangers of driving the same Porshe Paul died in.
(10:00) Jada Pinkett Smith shows off her banging bikini body ... if front of her daughter. Too much skin for a family outing?
(14:00) Charlie Sheen dumps his three porn star girlfriends for a new one ... in a fit of written tirade like only Charlie could pull off.
(18:00) 13-year-old DJ Elle joins us to talk about the danger of the techno culture, clubs for kids, and her thoughts on Paris Hilton spinning.
(24:00) "Fifty Shades of Grey" is gonna have two version -- one rated R and one rated NC-17. But are producers shooting themselves in the foot?
(27:00) Bruce and Kris Jenner smooch -- just being polite?
(32:00) Heidi Montag reduces her boobs from Fs to Cs -- so which fake Heidi do you prefer?
(34:00) Diane Lane wants something back from Josh Brolin ... in a bad way.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) The most out-of-this-world selfie ever taken.