Barack Obama The Biggest Name at Big-Name Dinner Table

5/8/2014 6:59 AM PDT

Barack Obama -- The Biggest Name at a Big-Name Dinner Table

Barack Obama was in a sea of celebs in fancy schmancy Bel Air Wednesday night ... and the Prez stacked his table with the biggest names in the room ... well, the biggest to him anyway.

Obama was honored by the USC Shoah Foundation with its annual “Ambassador for Humanity” award, which was created by Steven Spielberg.

The event was hosted by Conan O'Brien, featured a performance by Bruce Springsteen, and had "Taken" star Liam Neeson as a "special guest" ... so they got to sit with the Prez.

But there were plenty of other celebs there who didn't get the honor of sitting at the featured table ... including Barbra Streisand, Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Hanks, Rita Wilson, Jeff Garlin, Octavia Spencer, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Mitch Hurwitz ... and Kim Kardashian.

Even in Hollywood, not everyone can sit at the cool kids table.