Casey Kasem's Wife FEED MY HUSBAND!

6/13/2014 5:32 PM PDT

Casey Kasem's Wife -- FEED MY HUSBAND!


Casey Kasem
's wife has just filed legal docs begging for an order requiring doctors to provide her husband with nourishment so he won't die.

Jean Kasem has filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- asking the California Court of Appeal to reverse a judge's order allowing Casey's daughter to remove all life support ... including food.

Jean lost control of Casey recently because his daughter Kerri produced a document giving her control over his health care.  But Jean now claims Kerri forged the doc.

Jean says Casey is not at death's door.  She says he can't speak but he communicates with her using a few words, hand signals, hand squeezing and facial expressions.  She believes he could actually return home if he receives proper, aggressive care.

Jean says in the docs if the court doesn't immediately order doctors to feed her husband, "it will lead to certain death."

The legal docs say Casey is a member of the Druze religion, suggesting lack of treatment would go against his faith.