Fired Stoner Security Guard I Got My Job Back But I Still Want a Higher Position

7/11/2014 10:06 AM PDT

Fired Stoner Security Guard Gets Re-Hired ... But Still On Hunt for Higher Position

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The first guy to buy legal pot in Washington just got his job back ... after his employer admitted they jumped the gun by overreacting to the fact that he's a self-admitted recreational stoner.

Mike Boyer tells us ...  the security company told him they decided it's not their place to give someone the boot based on what they do when they're off the clock, assuming of course it's legal.  

As we previously reported ... after Mike made national headlines as the first person in Washington to buy legal pot, his employer demanded he take a drug test and he up and quit because he knew he'd flunk.  But Boyer insisted he was never high at work.

So Mikie accepted the apology and will resume his job Monday as a security guard.  BUT ... he's now so into the marijuana thing, he tells us he'd jump ship in a hot minute if he gets an offer from a pot shop.

It appears Mike will do anything humanly possible to make that firing stick.