'Ellen' Dance Dare NYPD Incident ... The Raw Video

12/31/2014 3:00 PM PST

'Ellen' Dance Dare -- NYPD Incident ... the RAW Video

Exclusive Video

Here it is ... the unedited version of that viral video showing a guy dancing behind some NYC cops -- then getting shoved to the ground -- all so he could get on "The Ellen Degeneres" show.

Prankster Alexander BOK intended to send the vid to Ellen for her 'Dance Dare' contest -- but it all went awry when the cops got pissed. Alexander had posted a heavily edited version of the run-in ... complete with dramatic music.

Now TMZ has obtained the raw video, and it's definitely LESS ominous than Alexander's original. Still ... the shove is pretty clear. As we first told you ... NYPD is looking into whether the officer acted inappropriately.