Kim Kardashian FDA Slams Morning Sickness Endorsement

8/11/2015 1:29 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian -- FDA Slams Her Morning Sickness Endorsement

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Kim Kardashian has gotten the attention of the FDA, and not in a good way. The agency is threatening to yank her morning sickness drug of choice off the market ... because of her endorsement.

Kardashian hit up her various social media accounts last month to announce she was "partnering" with a company that makes Diclegis, a morning sickness pill. 

The problem ... Kim sings the virtues but not the risks of the drug ... something the FDA requires.

So the FDA fired off a letter to the company, asking them to stop "misbranding" the drug or take it off the market. The letter demands the company correct the problem by getting Kim to repost her endorsements with the proper warnings.

Kim has since deleted the post off Instagram and Facebook ... but it's still up on Twitter.

A rep for Duchesnay USA tells us they had a deal with Kim for only one post. The rep says they'll submit the corrected plan to the FDA for approval.