Caitlyn Jenner Crash Victims Will Sue Her For $18.5 MILLION

8/28/2015 8:17 AM PDT

Caitlyn Jenner -- Crash Victims Will Sue Her ... For $18.5 MILLION


Caitlyn Jenner could escape criminal prosecution for her fatal PCH car crash, but we've learned on the civil front she's about to be sued ... for $18.5 million.

TMZ broke the story, the estate of Kim Howe -- the woman who died in the accident -- was just sued for $18.5 million by the 5 occupants in the Hummer she struck after Jenner's vehicle pushed her into oncoming traffic.

We've learned the lawyer for the 5 Hummer occupants plans on filing an identical lawsuit against Jenner, claiming her negligence caused the crash.  

It's unclear why the Hummer occupants believe Howe was negligent. As for Jenner, the fact that she struck the Lexus from behind creates an open-and-shut case for negligence, but the amount of damages the Hummer occupants want is stunning.

Caitlyn has already been sued by the stepchildren of Howe, but their case seems tenuous based on their distant relationship with their stepmom.