Ben Carson I'm Out Da Rap Game! My New Ad Sucks

11/6/2015 7:39 AM PST

Ben Carson: I'm Out Da Rap Game! My New Ad Sucks

Jay Z and Kanye West don't have to watch their throne too closely -- Ben Carson is admitting defeat when it comes to his attempt to jump into rap.

If you missed it, the Republican front runner's campaign cranked out a 60 second spot that paired his speeches with a beat and a rapper named Aspiring Mogul ... but even Carson basically copped to it being a huge pile of crap.

During a stop in Miami, the good doc referred to the ad as that "rap thing," and said he "probably would have taken a little different approach."

With lyrics like, "Vote and support Ben Carson, for our next president and be awesome" ... it's easy to see why the candidate is falling back.