Russell Crowe Flies Off Handle at Virgin Over Hoverboards

12/29/2015 7:12 AM PST

Russell Crowe: Flies off Handle at Virgin Over Hoverboards

Russell Crowe is an accomplished actor who is oblivious to one of the biggest safety stories circulating over the last week ... and apparently that's why he blasted Virgin Australia for putting the kibosh on his hoverboard holiday.

Russell was trying to board a Virgin jet with his kids when he was told hoverboards were banned. He seemed to get pissed off, tweeting, "Goodbye Virgin. Never again."

Virgin ... owned by Richard Branson, as big a celeb as Russell, fired back through his employees that it is well-documented in confirmation and check-in information that the boards are banned.

In case you didn't know ... there's a huge problem with lithium ion batteries which trigger fires that can bring down an airliner.