Chris Brown Accuser If I'm Ugly, You're Uglier

1/3/2016 4:38 PM PST

Chris Brown's Accuser-- If I'm Ugly, You're Uglier (VIDEO)

The woman who claims Chris Brown punched her in the face at a Vegas party Friday night says Chris has a lot of nerve to call her ugly and call out her past, given his own past.

Liziane Gutierrez posted a video responding to Chris' comments about an incident with Jason Derulo, in which she went off to a TMZ photog after he wouldn't let her go to his afterparty.

Chris says Gutierrez has a bad record of throwing allegations at celebs--including Derulo. But Gutierrez says that Chris's track record isn't so hot either.

Liziane also says she was definitely invited by his she must not be that ugly.