Steven Avery's Ex-GF He's Not Innocent ... He's a Monster!

1/13/2016 2:18 PM PST

Steven Avery's Ex-GF Says He's Not Innocent ... 'He's a Monster'

Don't buy what "Making a Murderer" producers are selling, according to Steven Avery's ex-girlfriend ... who's now saying he's guilty. 

Jodi Stachowski tells HLN she thinks Avery is "a monster." She also says her life with him was so bad she tried to kill herself with rat poison. It's unclear -- from this clip, at least -- what the time frame is on the suicide attempt.  

Of course, Jodi appears in the Netflix documentary ... but she's always seen staunchly standing by her man. Why she's had a change of heart? That's why they call it a tease.  

The full interview airs on Nancy Grace's HLN show tonight.