Mark Zuckerberg Neighbors Complain ... Your Security Is Hogging All the Parking!

1/14/2016 6:36 AM PST

Mark Zuckerberg: Neighbors Complain ... Your Security Team Is Hogging All the Parking!

Mark Zuckerberg's neighbors are ready to unfriend the billionaire Facebook founder ... because his security team is allegedly illegally parked in their hood. 

A letter is circulating among those in the San Francisco neighborhood where Zuckerberg lives, urging people to report the illegal parking to local authorities.  

The letter (obtained by Buzzfeed) refers to the billionaire only as "Zuck" and claims that his security team could park in front of his house or in his driveway, but simply doesn't. It goes on to say, "One of the guards mentioned that she agreed that even from a security standpoint, where the cars are parked don’t give the best vantage points."  

The neighbors have allegedly complained to Zuck's security manager, the SFMTA and even local news ... but nothing's changed. 

Thus far, Zuck has yet to respond.