Neil deGrasse Tyson B.o.B's Teachers 'Flat' Failed Him

1/28/2016 8:03 AM PST

Neil deGrasse Tyson: B.o.B's Teachers 'Flat' Failed Him


Neil deGrasse Tyson just clapped back at B.o.B -- ASTROPHYSICS style, bruh!

Neil tried to close the book on their "flat Earth" beef by going on 'The Nightly Show' and doing a little spoken word. The bit was funny, but outside ... Neil told us he's serious about convincing B.o.B he can't fall off the edge of the world -- if the rapper's serious about learning.

Check out the clip ... Neil also gives props to his nephew for recording a response diss track to B.o.B.

This is science's version of Kanye vs. Wiz. The Earth is Amber Rose in this scenario.