Johnny Cash Man In Black Returning to Folsom

1/30/2016 12:10 AM PST

Johnny Cash: Man In Black Returning to Folsom


Johnny Cash is being immortalized with the baddest badass monument in the city of Folsom ... the home of his legendary penitentiary performance 48 years ago. 

The statue -- aptly called "Man in Black" -- appears as if Johnny's engulfed in a ring of fire. 

The artist, Gary Tillery, who works out of The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany, tells us the monument will stand 50 ft above ground and will join 7 other statues on the city's Johnny Cash Trail.

The goal is to plant the monument in 2018, but it all depends on funding.

Cash died in 2003 but he'll still burn, burn, burn ... in Folsom.