Tyga The LAPD Should Get Off My Back

4/23/2016 8:00 AM PDT

Tyga -- The LAPD Should Get Off My Back

Exclusive Details

Tyga's had it with LAPD getting into his business for what he says is no reason ... and he's letting the world know it.

The rapper posted a pic and video Thursday of cops digging through an SUV he and his crew were riding in. Tyga says the LAPD was only doing it to get under his skin.

Our law enforcement sources paint a different picture ... we're told Tyga's got some known gang members in his team, so when officers heard the rapper had a show in Hollywood they went to check things out.

One of Tyga's security guards said he kept a gun in the SUV but had the proper permits. However, the gun was licensed to another state ... lucky for the security guard, the weapon was not loaded and away from any ammo so he was in the clear.

Our sources say cops only wanted to speak with Tyga's crew -- not the rapper -- and he was told he could leave many times, but he stuck around to snap the pics.