Amber Heard Never Told Cops About Alleged iPhone Attack

5/30/2016 8:25 AM PDT

Amber Heard -- Never Told Cops About Alleged iPhone Attack


Amber Heard did not tell cops who responded to her home last week that Johnny Depp smashed her face with an iPhone ... she said she had a simple argument with "my husband" and that was it.

TMZ broke the story ... when cops responded to the 911 call last week, they saw no evidence of injury. Our law enforcement sources say not only was Amber free of visible injuries, she never even hinted Johnny laid a finger on her.

Heard never used Johnny's name ... she only referred to him as her husband, saying they had an argument and that was it.

Cops determined no crime was committed and they left.  As we told you, they gave her a business card in case she wanted to make a report.

We're told Amber still has not filed a police report.  If Johnny's right and he never touched her ... had she filed an official report she could be prosecuted for a felony -- filing a phony police report.

Amber submitted pictures to the judge last week showing injuries to her face.  The night after those pics were allegedly taken she was out partying with friends.