Prince Everything Must Go ... Estate Ready to Dump Properties

8/1/2016 8:54 AM PDT

Prince's Estate Ready to Sell Off Real Estate


Prince's massive real estate holdings are about to hit the open market ... if his estate gets a judge's approval.

The special administrator of Prince's estate has filed a request to start unloading various real estate holdings. It won't be a fire sale though ... according to the docs, the estate says it will only accept offers that are at least 90% of fair market value.

It's unclear exactly which of his properties will be for sale -- the court has sealed that part of the request -- but Prince is known to have real estate in Minnesota, Beverly Hills, New York and possibly more. His Minnesota holdings alone have been estimated at nearly $30 mil.

The move is a sign Prince's heirs are looking to liquidate his assets rather than hold onto 'em for sentimental reasons.

The judge still needs to sign off on the deal.