Zendaya Check Out the Racist Checkout Chick

9/7/2016 6:14 AM PDT

Zendaya Check Out the Racist Checkout Chick

12:26 PM PT -- A rep from Vons tells TMZ the interaction between Zendaya and the checkout clerk did not involve race. The store has a policy limiting the amount that can be charged on a customer's credit card for gift cards. We're told the limit is $200, and that was the basis of Zendaya's discussion. The store adds the manager made an accommodation and allowed the singer to get $400 worth of gift cards.

Zendaya claims she was horribly disrespected at a big grocery store and it was all about the color of her skin.

The 20-year-old says she went to a Vons supermarket Tuesday to buy $400 worth of gift cards, but the woman at the register refused to help her, throwing/tossing her wallet back at her as if to say ... You can't afford this.

She's clearly pissed, although she does say a manager stepped in and processed the purchase. 

We have not been able to reach anyone from Vons for comment.