Kim K. Robbery Supreme Court Justice Throws Major Shade

10/4/2016 12:56 PM PDT

Supreme Court Justice Throws Major Shade on Kim Kardashian Robbery

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Kim Kardashian's armed robbery might be a total fabrication according to a U.S. Supreme Court Justice ... who actually brought up the incident during oral arguments.

The SUPCO was hearing a case on Tuesday where a guy from Cali is arguing it wasn't bank fraud when he drained someone's bank account ... because the bank's money is insured.

Justice Stephen Breyer jumped on the opportunity to show off his pop culture prowess, saying ... "Even Kardashian's thief, if there is one, believes that all that jewelry is insured. So, it's not theft?"

Breyer extended his metaphor, saying even if the Kardashian krooks posed as jewelry cleaners ... "Wouldn't you think that was fraud?" He went on to make a crack about her jewelry possibly being on loan, and not hers at all ... metaphorically speaking.

The good news for Kim -- one of the 8 most powerful people, arguably, in America knows about your ordeal. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to buy it.