Tracy Morgan Walmart Settles its Own Score After Fatal Crash

11/23/2016 7:00 AM PST

Walmart Settles Its Own Score After Fatal Crash Involving Tracy Morgan


Tracy Morgan's car crash is now a thing of the past, because Walmart -- the company that hired the driver who almost killed him -- just got reimbursed -- either in whole or part -- for Tracy's multi-million dollar settlement.

Walmart paid the comedian, and then filed a claim with its insurance company to cover the loss, but the insurance co. turned thumbs down.

The case was headed to court, but we've learned that Walmart and XL Insurance America struck a deal, so the case is over.

As for how much XL paid ... unclear. It's also unclear how much Walmart paid Tracy. Damon Wayans said during an interview his friend got $90 mil, but Tracy's people denied it.

One person died in the 2014 crash. Tracy was severely injured but thankfully recovered.