Corey Feldman Knife-y Speech After Gigolo King Marries Him Off

11/25/2016 2:53 AM PST

Corey Feldman's Knife-y Speech After Gigolo King Marries Him Off


Corey Feldman was beyond edgy when he delivered his wedding speech ... while brandishing a giant blade and making jokes about "going postal."

Corey's thank you speech to guests at his Tuesday wedding in Vegas is classic Feldman -- meaning, you really have to see it -- though his gorgeous bride, Courtney Anne, didn't seem fazed by his antics.

Then again, it's kinda par for the course ... considering the couple had just been pronounced husband and wife by Marklen Kennedy ... the creator of Showtime's "Gigolos.

We got their marriage certificate with Marklen's John Hancock -- last minute Vegas weddings have kinda become his thing. He also did the deed for ex 'Bachelor' star Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie during their last minute wedding in 2010.

Corey's wedding was also an 11th hour decision out of concern President elect Trump would deport Courtney to her native country ... Canada.