Rick Ross Kanye Played Y'All With Mental 'Breakdown'

12/12/2016 12:34 PM PST

Rick Ross Says Kanye Faked His 'Meltdown'

Kanye West is a great actor who fooled everyone into thinking he was melting down, at least according to Rick Ross, who's giving 'Ye props for pulling off a stunt -- but trust us, it's no stunt.

During a NY appearance Sunday night, Rick said Kanye's an absolute "genius" for playing everyone out the way he did. Ross is tight with Kanye, so you might think he's preaching the gospel here.

Truth is though, Kanye really was fighting deep paranoia during his 8 day stay in a hospital. We know from multiple sources ... this was no stunt.  

Still, check out Ricky Rozay's take. We know he's not the only one who thinks this.