KKK Documentary Gets the Ax A&E Says, We Were Betrayed

12/25/2016 7:20 AM PST

KKK Documentary Gets the Ax in A&E Betrayal

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A&E got betrayed and embarrassed by putting it out to the world none of the subjects in the KKK documentary got a penny ... when they actually did.

The network has pulled the plug on "Generation KKK," after producers fessed up on XMAS eve they slipped money to some KKK members to "facilitate access."  In other words, they were paid.

A&E was clear to us a few days ago ... no one was paid because it's against network policies for documentaries and also network officials gave assurances to the Anti-Defamation League no one would like the pockets of the hate group.

Thing is ... the subjects of the documentary wanted to sell the idea they were not a hate group but rather a "hate preservation group."

Money talked louder than message, so the show won't air on A&E.