Gigi Gorgeous Trump Betrayed LGBTQs I'm Counting on Caitlyn's Help!!

2/26/2017 12:30 AM PST

Gigi Gorgeous Says Trump Betrayed LGBTQ Community


Model Gigi Gorgeous is disgusted at President Trump for his plan to roll back protections for transgender students, but she's hoping he actually does give Caitlyn Jenner a call.

We got Gigi in L.A. and she teed off on Trump for, in her eyes, lying to the LGBTQ community to get votes, and believes he's now showing his true colors.

Gigi, who's good friends with Kylie Jenner, saw Caitlyn's video calling out the president. While many people think Jenner missed the mark, Gigi thinks CJ's the right woman to get Trump's attention.