Will Ferrell Roasts Himself and Sings In Hilarious Speech to USC Grads

5/12/2017 11:55 AM PDT

Will Ferrell Delivers Hilarious Commencement Speech at USC

Will Ferrell's still got it ... and he's got an honorary doctorate from his alma mater now to boot.

The famous funnyman stayed classy for most of his commencement speech to USC's class of 2017 on Friday that included a perfect blend of self-deprecating humor, zingers and of course ... some singing.

The crowd laughed along at the comedian's nonstop jokes, but he got the biggest roar from a topical jab at a certain airline company.

Ferrell graduated from USC in 1990 with a degree in Sports Information. He received his honorary doctorate degree from the university before Friday's ceremony, and we gotta say ... Doctor Will Ferrell has a nice ring to it.