Dennis Rodman Rogue Diplomat in North Korea?

6/13/2017 7:12 AM PDT

Dennis Rodman Arrives in North Korea to Promote 'Something Pretty Positive'

Dennis Rodman is at it again, playing diplomat and trying to ease fierce tensions between the U.S. and North Korea ... or so it seems.

The NBA Hall of Famer arrived in Pyongyang Tuesday afternoon for what appears to be a four-night visit to promote "something that's pretty positive" and "open the door" to the regime.

Rodman -- a former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant -- is one of the very few Americans to have met Kim Jong Un. He last visited in 2014 when he held an exhibition basketball game and led a "happy birthday" sing-along for the North Korean dictator.

Rodman was mum on whether he'll meet again with Kim Jong Un.