Jeremy Meek's Ex-Wife Melissa Awesome Divorce Party ... 'From Ex-Con to Ex-Wife'

7/1/2018 7:27 AM PDT

Jeremy Meek's Ex-Wife Melissa Meeks Throws Divorce Party


Jeremy Meeks' ex-wife Melissa Meeks threw a pretty awesome divorce party with a pretty hilarious cake to mark the celebration.

The party went down Saturday night at Crazy Horse 3 in Las Vegas.  As for the treat -- it was a handcuff cake with the inscription, "Ex Con to Ex-Wife."   Gotta love it.  

Jeremy and Melissa's divorce was finalized June 7th ... 9 days after Jeremy's girlfriend Chloe Green gave birth to a son.  We don't know if Jeremy and Chloe are engaged yet, but lately she's been wearing a huge diamond ring. 

Word is Melissa's totally single now and, as you can see, she looks super happy about it ... after 8 years of marriage. She and Jeremy share a 9-year-old son, Jeremy Jr.