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Barbara Bush

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Barbara Tyson has appeared in movies, sitcoms, dramatic series, and television commercials. At the age of seventeen she began her voice over career, and has since recorded over 7000 radio and TV voice overs, in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Tyson's voice is heard in virtually all areas of media. Barbara's career began in Toronto, Ontario where she worked in an advertising agency by day, took college classes at night, and still managed to land parts in television, radio, and theatrical productions. Her big break came at the age of 18, when she was cast as Carol Burnett's daughter in "Between Friends", an HBO film starring Carol Burnett and Elizabeth Taylor. Barbara moved to New York City soon after to study acting at Carnegie Hall with renowned coach Freddie Kareman, and Herbert Berghof at HB Studios in Greenwich Village. Tyson then landed a contract role on the popular NBC Daytime series "Another World" as singer Dawn Rollo, the first character ever in daytime drama to to battle AIDS. This role garnered much publicity, including a feature story in People Magazine. As a singer/songwriter, Barbara fronted a band while in New York and was able to sing her original composition "Bye Bye" live on Another World. She had the opportunity to play such venues as "The Stone Pony" in Asbury Park, and CBGB's in New York City. After working and studying in New York City, Barbara moved to Los Angeles where she was cast in several productions taking her all over the world. Doctors, Cowgirls, Lawyers, and Madams. Killers, Cops, Aliens and Singers... Barbara Tyson has played them all. After four seasons on Neon Rider, a popular Canadian television Series. Tyson was tapped to star in a Stephen J. Cannell series called "TWO". In "TWO", Barbara played FBI Agent Terry Carter, alongside American actor Michael Easton. This made Tyson the first Vancouver-based actor to share equal billing with an American star. As Tyson's career grew she was cast as series regular Madame Luci Prescott opposite Tom Berenger in the Western "Peacemakers" for USA Network... and then as Mrs. Clause opposite Beau Bridges as Santa, in "A Christmas Secret". She was love interest to Jim Belushi in K9-PI, and Billy Connolly's wife in "Beautiful Joe". She played opposite Sam Elliot in "The Final Cut." Barbara also worked alongside Timothy Hutton in the Mini-Series, "5 Days to Midnight". Barbara, sometimes credited as "Barbara Bush", has appeared as a guest star on many television series, including E.R., The Outer Limits, Poltergeist, Fringe, Painkiller Jane, Fear Itself, and Alien Nation to name a few. She has also appeared on numerous sitcoms including the memorable "Bambi", secretary #22 on Murphy Brown with Candice Bergen. Bambi ran a phone-sex service off the side of her desk in the season 2 opener "Anchors Away."  See full bio on IMDb »

Barbara Bush's Will Puts George H.W. Bush and 2 of 5 Kids in Control

Barbara Bush's Will
George H.W. in Control 2 of 5 Kids Are Backup Executor

Everything Barbara Bush left behind is, not shockingly, in the hands of her 94-year-old husband, George H.W. ... for now. According to the doc -- obtained by TMZ -- H.W. is the… READ MORE >

Billy Bush Says Uncle George H.W. Bush is Fighting for 100 Years

Billy Bush
H.W.'s Going for the Smucker's 100 Club ... Put Away the Harps!

Billy Bush says George H.W. Bush probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon -- 'cause he's been to the hospital bed and back before ... plus, he's got jelly jars to mug for. We got Billy hanging… READ MORE >

- 294 days ago
Barbara Bush Funeral: Family, Friends & Past Presidents Say Goodbye to Former First Lady

Barbara Bush
Family, Friends, Clintons & Obamas Attend Former First Lady's Funeral

Barbara Bush is being laid to rest, and hundreds have gathered to pay their respects and celebrate the life of a woman who was wife of a president and mother of another. The former First… READ MORE >

- 302 days ago
Barbara Bush Dead at 92

Barbara Bush
Dead at 92

Barbara Bush -- former First Lady of the United States and wife of 41st President George H.W. Bush -- has died. The former First Lady died at her home Tuesday surrounded by her family. She had… READ MORE >

- 306 days ago
President George H.W. Bush & Barbara All Smiles at Super Bowl LI After Hospital Stint

President George Bush & Barbara
All Smiles For Super Bowl LI ... After Hospital Stint

Great scene at Super Bowl 51 ... when President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara made a surprise appearance to do the coin toss ... less than a week after the ex-POTUS was released from the… READ MORE >

- 742 days ago
George H.W. Bush in ICU with Pneumonia, Barbara Also Hospitalized

George H.W. Bush
In ICU with Pneumonia Barbara Also Hospitalized

George H.W. Bush was just admitted to intensive care unit with pneumonia and his wife, Barbara, was also admitted. H.W.'s office says he's in stable condition, but as a precaution doctors… READ MORE >

- 760 days ago
Pres. George H.W. Bush -- Wedding Gift For Same-Sex Couple ... Now You Don't Have To Eat Out

Pres. Bush's Wedding Gift
For Same-Sex Couple You Don't Have To Eat Out!

Ex-President George H.W. Bush wasn't just an official witness for a same-sex couple marriage -- he also gave them a perfect gift...  from Target -- TMZ has learned.The Bushes were guests last… READ MORE >

- 1970 days ago
The First Ladies -- Who'd You Rather?

The First Ladies
Who'd You Rather?

First Lady Michelle Obama wrangled up former First Ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush and Rosalynn Carter at opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas on… READ MORE >

- 2124 days ago
Barbara Bush to Sarah Palin: Stay in Alaska!

Barbara Bush to Sarah Palin: Stay in Alaska!

It is on now!!!! As part of an interview airing tomorrow on "Larry King Live," former First Lady Barbara Bush said of Sarah Palin, "I sat next to her once, thought she was beautiful. And I think… READ MORE >

- 3010 days ago
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