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Corey Harrison

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Rex Harrison was born Reginald Carey Harrison in Huyton, Lancashire, England, to Edith Mary (Carey) and William Reginald Harrison, a cotton broker. He changed his name to Rex as a young boy, knowing it was the Latin word for "King". Starting out on his theater career at age 18, his first job at the Liverpool Rep Theatre was nearly his last - dashing across the stage to say his one line, made his entrance and promptly blew it. Fates were kind, however, and soon he began landing roles in the West End. "French Without Tears", a play by Terence Rattigan, proved to be his breakthrough role. Soon he was being called the "greatest actor of light comedy in the world". Having divorced his first wife Collette Thomas in 1942, he married German actress Lilli Palmer. The two began appearing together in many plays and British films. He attained international fame when he portrayed the King in Anna and the King of Siam (1946), his first American film. After a sex scandal, in which starlet Carole Landis apparently committed suicide because he ended their affair, the relationship with wife Lilli became strained. Rex (by this time known as "Sexy Rexy" for his philandering ways and magnetic charm) began a relationship with British actress Kay Kendall and divorced Lilli to marry the terminally ill Kay with hopes of a re-marriage to Palmer upon Kay's death. The death of Kay affected Harrison greatly and Lilli never returned to him. During this time Rex was offered the defining role of his career: Professor Henry Higgins in the original production of "My Fair Lady". He won the Tony for the play and an Oscar for the film version. In 1962 Harrison married actress Rachel Roberts. This union and the one following it to Elizabeth Harris (Richard's ex) also ended in divorce. In 1978 Rex met and married Mercia Tinker. He and Mercia remained happily married until his death in 1990. She was also with him in 1989 when he was granted his much-deserved and long awaited knighthood at Buckingham Palace. Rex Harrison died of pancreatic cancer three weeks after his last stage appearance, as Lord Porteous in W. Somerset Maugham's "The Circle".  See full bio on IMDb »

Dana White Drops $69k On Samurai Swords For My 'Weapons Room'

Dana White on 'Pawn Stars'
Drops $69k On Samurai Swords ... For My 'Weapons Room'

Dana White is building a personal weapons room in his Vegas mansion (seriously) ... so he hit up the guys from "Pawn Stars" to buy a REAL combat-used samurai sword.  The UFC boss had a hard… READ MORE >

'Pawn Stars' -- Mayweather Loss Would Be HUGE For Vegas

'Pawn Stars'
Mayweather Loss Would Be HUGE For Vegas

The guys from "Pawn Stars" can spot a money making opportunity from a mile away -- which is why they believe a Mayweather LOSS would be HUGE for the city of Las Vegas in the long run. Don't get… READ MORE >

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War Machine Tipster -- PASSES On Reward Money

War Machine Tipster
PASSES On Reward Money

The woman responsible for the capture of War Machine says she's dying of cancer and has decided to pay the $20K reward forward.Mary Casamento was staying at the same hotel where War… READ MORE >

- 1731 days ago
'Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison -- I Dove Off My Bike at 40 MPH ... TO AVOID DEATH!

'Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison
I Dove Off My Bike at 40 MPH ... To Avoid Death!

Corey Harrison from "Pawn Stars" flung himself off a moving vehicle Saturday to avoid a MAJOR crash ... and the reality star miraculously lived to tell the tale. Harrison's family and friends were… READ MORE >

- 1844 days ago
'Pawn Stars' -- FINED by Cops ... Get Your Trash Off Our Sand!

'Pawn Stars'
FINED by Cops ... Get Your Trash Off Our Sand!

Dear "Pawn Stars" stars ... next time you're gonna TRASH your campground, make sure there are no cops around ... because in the State of CA it's a misdemeanor crime!!!Rick and Corey Harrison --… READ MORE >

- 2353 days ago
'Pawn Stars' Sued -- I Discovered You ... and You SCREWED Me

'Pawn Stars' Sued --
I Made You Guys Famous ... and You SCREWED Me

Rick, Corey, the Old Man and Chumlee ... are all getting their asses sued by their ex-manager, who claims he discovered the "Pawn Stars" and made them famous ... only to get stabbed in the back.… READ MORE >

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'Pawn Stars' Cast FURIOUS Over 'Cajun' Spin-off

'Pawn Stars' Cast
FURIOUS Over 'Cajun' Spin-off

The debut of the new "Cajun Pawn Stars" was a huge hit with the History Channel ... but TMZ has learned the guys at the original "Pawn Stars" show are PISSED because they had no idea it was being… READ MORE >

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'Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison --Bloody Motorcycle Wreck

'Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison
Bloody Motorcycle Wreck

"Pawn Stars" bad ass Corey Harrison suffered a bloody case of road rash ... when he wiped on his Harley during a ride from Vegas to San Diego this weekend ... TMZ has learned. Sources tell us ...… READ MORE >

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'Pawn Star' -- Half the Hoss He Used to Be

'Pawn Star'
Half the Hoss He Used to Be

Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison from "Pawn Stars" dropped over 100 POUNDS in less than five months, TMZ has learned -- all thanks to hard work ... and a little help from his doctor. Hoss tells TMZ, he… READ MORE >

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'Pawn Star' -- We Sold the Missile Guidance System!

'Pawn Star' -- We Sold the Missile Guidance System!

The "Pawn Stars" crew can finally wash their hands of that whole missile crisis -- because one of the stars of the show tells TMZ ... they finally sold the damn thing. TMZ ran into Corey Harrison… READ MORE >

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