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Craig Carton

Craig Carton Convicted In Concert Ticket Scam, Faces 45 Years In Federal Prison

Craig Carton
Convicted In Concert Ticket Scam Faces 45 Years In Prison

Craig Carton -- half of the famous 'Boomer and Carton' sports talk show on WFAN -- has been found guilty of running a massive concert ticket scam. The radio personality -- who quit his job as… READ MORE >

Boomer Esiason: CBS Radio Scrubbed All Traces of Carton, Changed Show Name

Boomer Esiason
CBS Radio Scrubbed All Traces of Carton ... Changed Show Name

CBS Radio wasted no time removing all evidence that Craig Carton ever worked at WFAN -- with his old broadcasting partner, Boomer Esiason, even announcing the name of his show has changed.… READ MORE >

- 641 days ago
Craig Carton Resigns, Focusing on 'Clearing My Name'

Craig Carton
Officially Resigns Focusing on 'Clearing My Name'

Sports radio host Craig Carton -- one half of the famous "Boomer & Carton" show -- officially quit his job ... amid a federal investigation into an alleged multi-million dollar concert ticket… READ MORE >

- 641 days ago
Craig Carton: I'm Not a Criminal, I'm a Victim!

Craig Carton
I'm Not a Criminal ... I'm a Victim!!

Craig Carton is adamant he's not the scumbag con artist he's being made out to be -- claiming he's an innocent victim who was set up by a group of very bad people.  Carton was arrested by the… READ MORE >

- 646 days ago
Boomer Esiason: 'I Still Love My Partner' Craig Carton

Boomer Esiason
I Still Love Craig Carton ... After 'Shocking' Arrest

Boomer Esiason is backing Craig Carton after his longtime co-host's FBI arrest ... saying he's still got love for the sports radio personality despite the "shocking" news.… READ MORE >

- 647 days ago
Craig Carton Allegedly Considered Fleeing to Costa Rica, Changing Name

Craig Carton
Allegedly Considered Fleeing to Costa Rica ... Changing Name

Craig Carton's partner in an alleged ticket fraud scheme was so concerned about the million in debt they allegedly owed ... he considered fleeing the country and assuming a new identity.  At… READ MORE >

- 648 days ago
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