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Dave Chappelle

Comedian Dave Chappelle was born on August 24, 1973 in Washington, D.C. He was raised in Silver Spring, MD by his dad, a statistician and Antioch College professor, and mom, who worked for the revolutionary Patrice Lumumba in the Congo. She was a scholar who studied African-American studies and was the first black woman in the U.S. to become a Unitarian Universalist minister. Chappelle converted to Islam in 1998. He lives on a 65 acre farm in Ohio with his wife, Elaine, and their three kids – sons Sulayman and Ibrahim and daughter Sonal. Chappelle hit the stand-up comedy scene as a teenager. His mega-successful Comedy Central show “Chappelle’s Show” debuted in 2003. It became the best-selling TV show in DVD history. He abruptly walked off the show’s set in April 2005 and disappeared from fans and family. It was later revealed he had jetted off to South Africa for two weeks. By doing so, he walked away from $50 million. He signed a deal with Netflix in November 2016 for three stand-up comedy specials to be released by the streaming giant.

Dave Chappelle Surprises Scammed Fans by Delivering Tickets to Show

Dave Chappelle
Sorry You Got Swindled ... But You're Not Missing My Show!!!

Dave Chappelle's all about making things right, which is why he hand-delivered tickets to a couple who fell victim to a Craigslist scam ... so they could make his Valentine's Day show after all.… READ MORE >

Dave Chappelle's Still Off the NFL, 'Can Kaepernick Kneel Yet?'

Dave Chappelle
I'm Off the NFL 'Can Kaepernick Kneel Yet?'

Two exhilarating championship games won't change Dave Chappelle's NFL stance ... because he's tuned out the league -- and the reason is Colin Kaepernick. Chappelle's been off the NFL since the… READ MORE >

- 118 days ago
Dave Chappelle Says R. Kelly 'Goons' Threatened Him After 'Piss on You' Skit

Dave Chappelle
R. Kelly & His Goons Threatened Me For 'Piss on You' Skit

Dave Chappelle says R. Kelly and his "goons" bum-rushed him over his famous skit mocking the singer's urination video -- but Dave's sense of humor definitely saved the day. The comic hopped… READ MORE >

- 124 days ago
Dave Chappelle's Hazy on Skits Mocking R. Kelly Scandal

Dave Chappelle
My Skits Mocking R. Kelly Scandal ... Hmm, IDK ... I Gotta Watch It Again

Dave Chappelle was noncommittal on his feelings about some old skits that mocked some shocking behavior by R. Kelly. We got the comic in WeHo Tuesday night leaving Craig's, and asked about… READ MORE >

- 125 days ago
Dave Chappelle, I'm Not Watching NFL, Now Watch Me Kneel

Dave Chappelle
I'm Not Watching NFL ... Now Watch Me Kneel

Dave Chappelle says his Sundays are definitely NOT filled with football -- telling TMZ Sports he's off the NFL and it seems it all has to do with Colin Kaepernick.  We shot the comedian out… READ MORE >

- 197 days ago
Dave Chappelle Explains Why He Backs MD Governor Hopeful Ben Jealous

Dave Chappelle
My Support of Ben Jealous Is NOT a Celeb Endorsement

Dave Chappelle says his backing of Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous is NOT a political Hollywood ploy ... 'cause he's just doing what he thinks is right. We got the comedian out… READ MORE >

- 198 days ago
Dave Chappelle Paid His Respects to John McCain, and His Dance Moves

Dave Chappelle
I Paid My Respects to John McCain ... And His Dance Moves

Dave Chappelle says John McCain is a symbol of national unity when our country needs it most, so he paid the late Senator his respects ... and gives props to his robot dance. We got the famed… READ MORE >

- 262 days ago
Dave Chappelle Says Mayweather Had Greatest Run In Boxing History

Dave Chappelle
Floyd Had Greatest Run In Boxing History!

Ali, Marciano, Tyson ... when it comes to great runs in boxing, Floyd Mayweather beat 'em all -- so says Dave Chappelle. FYI, Dave is a HUGE boxing fan -- and has attended a bunch of Floyd's… READ MORE >

- 386 days ago
Kevin Hart Reveals Who Paid for Comedy Power Dinner, Says It's About Time

Kevin Hart
I Didn't Pay at Epic Comedians Dinner But, I'll Tell You Who Did

Kevin Hart says he's got a foolproof plan to avoid picking up the check at epic dinners like the one he had with Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle -- and he also revealed who DID pay. We… READ MORE >

- 455 days ago
Dwyane Wade: 'Black History Month' Dinner w/ Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart

Dwyane Wade & Gabby
'Black History Month' Dinner ... w/ Chappelle, Kevin Hart

Talk about a power dinner ...  Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union met up with Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart at one of the fanciest restaurants in Beverly Hills ... and TMZ Sports has the… READ MORE >

- 455 days ago
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