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Faye Dunaway

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She is one of the great models who transitioned successfully into acting! "Thomas Crown Affair" being one of the greatest performances causing all to take notice! Playing intelligent women with ability to match her contemporary male powerful counterparts into in-depth presence of the changes appearing in time as images of histories "Bonnie & Clyde"; How Spirit and Mind transcend the age differences in "Arizona Dreams" as her "performing a miracle" for the great representation of France's historical continuance though "The Messenger Jeanne D'arc ... ".  See full bio on IMDb »

The Academy Awards: Best, Worst and Most Shocking Moments in Oscars History

Academy Awards
Best, Worst, Most Shocking Moments In Oscars History!!!

From jam-packed celeb selfies and emotional speeches, to Best Picture announcement screw-ups -- Oscar's had some entertaining moments ... especially when they're not scripted. We've gathered the… READ MORE >

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway Will Present Best Picture Award ... Again

Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway
We're Back Presenting Best Picture We Won't Screw Up Twice!!!

After the real-life disaster at last year's Oscars, the Academy feels the best way to make sure the proper people accept the award for Best Picture -- bring back the ones who screwed it up ...… READ MORE >

- 388 days ago
Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway Fought Over Who Announces Best Picture Winner (VIDEO)

Warren and Faye Fought Over Who Announces Best Picture

Warren Beatty gave Faye Dunaway what she demanded during rehearsal ... the honor of reading the winner of Best Picture, and he watched as she failed in spectacular fashion. Sources who were… READ MORE >

- 755 days ago
'Moonlight' Wins Best Picture After Epic Oscars Screwup  (VIDEO)

The Oscars
'Moonlight' Wins Best Picture, But 'La La' Gets Trophy In EPIC Screwup!!

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway pulled a Steve Harvey -- announcing "La La Land" won Best Picture, when it was really supposed to go to "Moonlight" ... and the fallout was… READ MORE >

- 755 days ago
Judge to Faye Dunaway -- It's Payback Time

Judge to Faye Dunaway
It's Payback Time

Faye Dunaway has a $5,000 check to write -- because the actress just LOST her bitter legal battle with a film editor ... all because she FAILED to show up to the hearing. Faye was a big no-show in… READ MORE >

- 2905 days ago
Faye Dunaway -- I Fell & Busted My Ass at the Gym

Faye Dunaway
I Fell & Busted My Ass at the Gym

Faye Dunaway suffered a broken wrist and head laceration after taking a serious tumble outside her gym in L.A. recently -- and now the injuries are holding up a $5,000 legal battle with an… READ MORE >

- 3009 days ago
Dunaway's Landlord -- Faye Won't Pay!

Dunaway's Landlord
Faye Won't Pay!

The only thing outstanding about Faye Dunaway as a tenant is the balance she allegedly owes her NYC landlord -- and if she doesn't pay up, they want her out.According to the landlord, the Oscar… READ MORE >

- 3412 days ago
Award Losing Oscar Fashion

Award Losing
Oscar Fashion

Whether displaying the best in acting -- or the worst in fashion -- the Academy Awards never disappoint.From "Dreamgirls" to Bond girls, check out who channeled their inner Bjork at last night's… READ MORE >

- 4409 days ago
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