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LisaRaye McCoy

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LisaRaye McCoy-Misick was born September 23, 1966 in Chicago, Illinois. She is of African American and Native American descent and is proud of her heritage. She later attended Eastern Illinois University but she never really took the idea of a career in acting seriously until persuaded by an insistent roommate to attend a local audition in Chicago. Her screen debut was in the low-budget action movie Reasons (1996), she received numerous critical kudos despite the fact that the film went largely unseen. LisaRaye is known for possessing a charmingly seductive smile and a distinctively vibrant but laid-back personality. She first caught the eye of television viewers with an appearance on the popular television series In the House (1995). Though the movie never did find a distributor, director Monty Ross convinced the budding young actress to move out to L.A. during pilot season, and she soon landed minor roles on such shows as Martin (1992) and In the House (1995). She also made an appearance in rapper Tupac Shakur's final music video, her memorable appearance caught the eye of rapper/actor Ice Cube, which led to her being in the movie The Players Club (1998). Her memorable performance as a troubled stripper left a solid impression on audiences. Her appearances thus far were impressive, but LisaRaye's career truly began to ignite after her appearance in the movie The Wood (1999). In 2000, LisaRaye found her widest audience yet as the host of Source: All Access (2002), a popular series dedicated to exploring hip-hop culture. She quickly gained a loyal following with her winning smile and extensive knowledge of all things hip-hop. As film roles continued to roll in, she came across her biggest role to date in the 2002 film Civil Brand (2002). A harrowing look into life in women's prison, the film took home top awards at both the American Black Film Festival and The Urbanworld Film Festival. Soon following her little sister Da Brat into a career in music, LisaRaye next began collaborating with Benzino to record a song to be featured in the film Redemption (2004). 2003 proved an equally lucrative year for LisaRaye as she prepared for the release of the Barry Levinson comedy Envy (2004), the female-driven Western Guns and Roses (2000), and her new sitcom, All of Us (2003) which was ran from 2003-2007.  See full bio on IMDb »

LisaRaye McCoy Says Home Burglary Was Inside Job

LisaRaye McCoy
I Got a Hunch ... My Burglary Was an Inside Job!

LisaRaye McCoy is convinced her home burglary was an inside job ... and she's taking immediate action to make sure it never happens again. LisaRaye tells TMZ she thinks the suspect was someone who… READ MORE >

LisaRaye McCoy's House Burglarized, $160k in Valuables Taken

LisaRaye McCoy
Hit in $160,000 Burglary

LisaRaye McCoy now knows how Mariah Carey and Kyle Richards feel, and not in a good way -- she was hit in a huge burglary ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us the… READ MORE >

- 413 days ago
LisaRaye McCoy -- Sued Over 'Whitenicious' Jab

LisaRaye McCoy
Sued Over 'Whitenicious' Jab

Whitenicious founder Dencia just made good on her threats she'd sue LisaRaye McCoy for what she's calling defamatory comments about her skin care line ...  TMZ has… READ MORE >

- 1123 days ago
Dencia -- Disses LisaRaye & Martin Luther King in Skin Whitening War (VIDEO)

Disses LisaRaye & MLK Jr. Over Skin Whitening War!

LisaRaye McCoy and singer Dencia's feud over a skin whitening cream is getting so heated ... even Martin Luther King Jr.'s becoming collateral damage. We got Dencia outside Mr Chow, where she… READ MORE >

- 1140 days ago
LisaRaye McCoy -- I Said White-a-licious, Not White-n-icious

LisaRaye McCoy
I Said White-a-licious, Not White-n-icious

LisaRaye McCoy is calling BS on a singer who's threatening to sue her after LisaRaye claimed the singer's skin-whitening product causes cancer ... in fact she says she's owed a big, fat… READ MORE >

- 1150 days ago
LisaRaye McCoy -- Threatened With Defamation Suit Over Skin Cancer Claims

LisaRaye McCoy
Threatened with Defamation Suit Over Skin Cancer Claims

LisaRaye McCoy may have a new role ... defendant in a defamation lawsuit for her claim that a singer's skin care product causes cancer. LisaRaye went on Big Tigger's radio show to… READ MORE >

- 1153 days ago
LisaRaye McCoy -- Stripper Biz Is Booming Thanks to One Man

LisaRaye McCoy
Stripper Biz Is Booming ... Thanks to One Man

LisaRaye McCoy knows her way around a strip club ... and says the skin biz is doing better than ever ... thanks to the heavy-hitter of making it rain.LisaRaye, who starred as a stripper in… READ MORE >

- 1657 days ago
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