LisaRaye McCoy Sued Over 'Whitenicious' Jab

2/19/2016 12:16 PM PST

LisaRaye McCoy: Sued Over 'Whitenicious' Jab


Whitenicious founder Dencia just made good on her threats she'd sue LisaRaye McCoy for what she's calling defamatory comments about her skin care line ...  TMZ has learned. 

Dencia and her company are suing LisaRaye for defamation and product disparagement claiming the "Single Ladies" actress badmouthed her skin lightening products by saying they caused cancer and left dark spots on the skin. 

LisaRaye appeared on "TMZ Live" in an attempt to clear the air, saying she didn't single out Dencia's line, and said she was talking about something called Whitealicious.

But Dencia says the two are basically one in the same since they sound so similar and her company even owns the domain to

In her legal docs, Dencia claims LisaRaye knew very well what she was doing since she had multiple calls with LisaRaye about repping another one of her products.

Denica says she lost sales over LisaRaye's comments and repeated attacks on social media. She also wants punitive damages. 

We've reached out to LisaRaye ... so far, no word back.