LisaRaye McCoy I Said White-a-licious, Not White-n-icious

1/24/2016 12:40 AM PST

LisaRaye McCoy: I Said White-a-licious, Not White-n-icious


LisaRaye McCoy is calling BS on a singer who's threatening to sue her after LisaRaye claimed the singer's skin-whitening product causes cancer ... in fact she says she's owed a big, fat 'thank you.'

As we previously reported, pop singer Dencia threatened to sue the "Single Ladies" actress if she didn't retract her statements trashing Dencia's product, Whitenicious. 

LisaRaye's lawyer, C. Anthony Mulrain, just fired back, making several points:

-- LisaRaye never called out Whitenicious, she referenced "Whitealicious" on the radio.

-- Even if a jury felt she was really going after Whitenicious, by Dencia's own admission, it's a God send. Dencia tweeted, "Everytime a celeb or blog mentions Whitenicious, saying anything good or bad, the sales go up 1000%, so hey keep talking." 

-- Dencia can pound sand if she's expecting a retraction. But in the spirit of sisterhood, LisaRaye will post a statement on Facebook and Twitter saying she was not referring to Dencia's product.  

Sounds black and white to us.