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Miles Teller

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Miles Alexander Teller is an American actor and musician. For his performance in the film The Spectacular Now (2013), he won the Dramatic Special Jury Award for Acting at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. He has appeared in the films Rabbit Hole (2010), Footloose (2011), Project X (2012), That Awkward Moment (2014), Divergent (2014), Two Night Stand (2014), Whiplash (2014).  See full bio on IMDb »

Miles Teller Looks Buff as He Films 'Top Gun: Maverick'

Miles Teller
Buff and Volleyball Ready ... For 'Top Gun: Maverick'

Miles Teller is seriously jacked as he takes on the role of Goose's son in "Top Gun: Maverick," which leads us to believe there will be a reprieve of the famous volleyball scene. Miles was leaving… READ MORE >

'Bleed for This' Boxer Calls BS on Brutal, Bloody Assault, 'I'm the Victim!!!'

'Bleed for This' Boxer
Calls BS on Brutal Assault ... 'I'm the Victim!!!'

Former boxing champ Vinny Paz -- the inspiration for the Miles Teller movie "Bleed for This" -- says he's the real victim in a VERY violent incident in Rhode Island.  Here's what we know… READ MORE >

- 446 days ago
Matthew Morrison's Halloween Party Draws Tons of Celebrities

Matthew Morrison
Halloween Party Draws Tons of Celebs

Matthew Morrison is determined to create something that is elusive in Los Angeles ... tradition, and it's all about Halloween. Matthew hosted the 8th Annual Matthew Morrison Halloween Party in… READ MORE >

- 511 days ago
Miles Teller Won't Face Charges for Public Intoxication

Miles Teller
In the Clear for Drunken Arrest

Miles Teller won't face charges for public intoxication after getting busted in San Diego ... because cops did him a solid. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... police are not sending the case to… READ MORE >

- 514 days ago
Miles Teller Blames Bar for Overserving Him Before Arrest

Miles Teller
Blames Bar for Overserving Him Before Arrest

Miles Teller blames a San Diego bar for overserving him and putting him in a state that got him arrested. This video was shot at PB Shore Club ... the place Miles and his buddies were partying… READ MORE >

- 642 days ago
Miles Teller Arrested For Being Drunk and Uncooperative In Public (UPDATE)

Miles Teller
Busted for Public Drunkenness Uncooperative with Cops

2:08 PM PT -- Miles just tweeted, "Went down to SD to see my buddy before he deployed. I wasn't arrested I was detained bc there was no evidence to charge me with a crime."  For the record,… READ MORE >

- 643 days ago
Miles Teller Hits the Beach in Hawaii with Girlfriend (PHOTO GALLERY)

Miles Teller
My GF Really Floats My Boat

Miles Teller and longtime GF, Keleigh Sperry, didn't have to worry about sinking or swimming as they hit the surf in Hawaii like a normal couple enjoying a romantic vacation. The two coasted on a… READ MORE >

- 705 days ago
Miles Teller's Bronco Is Back To Normal

Miles Teller
I Got My Baby Back

Miles Teller has one of his most prized possessions back to perfection ... his classic Ford Bronco looks back to normal after a scary crash. TMZ broke the story, the actor flipped his Bronco on… READ MORE >

- 722 days ago
Miles Teller Feels Sorry for Oscars Fail Accountants, 'Sucks to Lose Your Job!' (VIDEO)

Miles Teller
Pity for Oscars Accountants Getting 86'd Sucks!

Miles Teller thinks PricewaterhouseCoopers is doing right by not firing the employees responsible for the Best Picture screwup, and for one solid reason. We got Miles and his hot GF,… READ MORE >

- 752 days ago
Miles Teller Has Trump-Sized Trouble, Rips FAKE NEWS (VIDEO)

Miles Teller
I Got Trump-ish Trouble ... Fake News Put Me Against Gosling

First it was Prez Trump, now Miles Teller has fallen victim to the dreaded FAKE NEWS -- or at least that's Miles' take on the Oscar role that got away. MT was at Catch Monday night… READ MORE >

- 761 days ago
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