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Paris Jackson

Paris Michael-Katherine Jackson was born on April 3, 1998 and is the second child and only daughter of the late Michael Jackson. Her biological mother is Debbie Rowe, whom she has connected with following the King of Pop’s untimely death on June 25, 2009. Since her dad’s passing, Jackson and her two brothers – Prince and Blanket – have been raised by their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and older cousin, T.J. Jackson. Her father kept her mostly shielded from the public as a child – often wearing a mask – so it was surprising when a then 11-year-old Jackson spoke in front of thousands at her dad’s memorial service on July 7, 2009. She began attending a traditional private school in Los Angeles and joined the cheerleading squad. However, Jackson struggled with not fitting in, insecurities, and cyber bullying. She fell into a deep depression at age 15 and in June 2013, attempted suicide by cutting her wrist and taking a large quantity of pills. She said in an interview this was not her first suicide attempt, just the first the public knew about. She enrolled in a residential therapy program to recover and attended a therapeutic school in Utah. Since graduating high school one year early in 2015, Jackson tried community college briefly, but has since been pursuing modeling and acting. She also revealed that a stranger sexually assaulted her at age 14. Jackson lived at Neverland Ranch for the first seven years of her life. She and her drummer boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, now reside in a guest house on the property of the Jackson family’s Hayvenhurst estate in Encino, CA.

Paris Jackson Sings at L.A. Club with Boyfriend

Paris Jackson
Rocks the House with BF ... At Hot L.A. Club

Paris Jackson looked great and was in high spirits Saturday night, as she and her boyfriend performed a set at an L.A. club. Paris and Gabriel Glenn did a set at The Mint ... a small club that… READ MORE >

Paris Jackson Is In Positive Place One Week After Suicide Scare, Not in Rehab

Paris Jackson
180 From Suicide Scare ... On The Right Track to Recovery

Paris Jackson is in a much better head space since her suicide scare ... spending time with friends, family and taking advice from people who genuinely care about her. TMZ broke the story ...… READ MORE >

- 86 days ago
Michael Jackson's Wax Figures at Madame Tussauds are Not Going Anywhere

Madame Tussauds
No MJ Meltdown in Wake of 'Neverland'

Michael Jackson's wax figures at Madame Tussauds locations around the globe are NOT getting the #MuteMichaelJackson treatment ... despite renewed public outrage due to "Leaving Neverland." A… READ MORE >

- 89 days ago
Paris Jackson Says Everything's Okay While Heading Into Comedy Show

Paris Jackson
Everything's Okay ... Time for Some Laughs

Paris Jackson's had a turbulent week, but despite a suicide scare and family strife ... she's still in the mood for comedy. We got Michael Jackson's daughter outside Largo in L.A. Tuesday night… READ MORE >

- 90 days ago
Paris Jackson Refusing Rehab in Wake of Suicide Scare

Paris Jackson
Rejecting Rehab ... Post Suicide Scare

Paris Jackson is being encouraged by people very close to her to go to rehab, but she's resisting. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... those close to Paris suggested rehab after what… READ MORE >

- 91 days ago
Paris Jackson Released From Hospital After Attempted Suicide

Paris Jackson
Released from Hospital After Attempted Suicide

2:57 PM PT -- Paris just arrived at her L.A. apartment. She was wearing a jacket that said, "Puppies And I'm Fine."  1:45 PM PT -- Sources close to Paris tell us she was just released… READ MORE >

- 93 days ago
Paris Jackson Still Believes MJ's Innocent, Despite 'Leaving Neverland'

Paris Jackson
Still Believes Michael's Innocent Despite 'Leaving Neverland'

Paris Jackson isn't swayed by the allegations levied against her father in "Leaving Neverland" -- and firmly believes Michael Jackson was not a child molester.  Sources… READ MORE >

- 104 days ago
Paris Jackson Plays Roadie Girlfriend for Boyfriend Gabriel Glenn's Gig

Paris Jackson
Best Roadie GF ... For BF Gabriel Glenn

Paris Jackson can wear two hats at the same time for her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn -- that of supportive girlfriend ... and, of course, the steadfast groupie roadie. Michael Jackson's only… READ MORE >

- 209 days ago
Naked Man Breaks into Oakley Founder's Home, Blames Paris Jackson

Oakley Founder
Naked Dude Busted into My Mansion But Thought It Was Paris Jackson's

The 3 little bears got nothing on the billionaire behind Oakley sunglasses ... 'cause he says he found a naked man lounging in his bed hot tub, and things got even weirder when Paris Jackson got… READ MORE >

- 279 days ago
Michael Jackson's Kids, Family & Friends Celebrate King of Pop's 60th

Paris & Prince Jackson
Celebrate King of Pop and Pops' 60th ... With Huge Vegas Bash!!

Michael Jackson's posthumous 60th birthday celebration brought 2 of his children front and center onstage. Paris and Prince were there Wednesday night to honor and celebrate their… READ MORE >

- 292 days ago
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