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Paula Deen

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Born in Albany, Georgia, Deen is a notable graduate of Albany High School. She married her first husband after graduating high school in 1965. Her parents both died by the time she was 23, and a resultant fear of death led to chronic agoraphobia. She was a proficient Southern cook, and used it to help deal with her condition. in 1986, she felt okay enough to take a job as a bank teller. She was robbed at gunpoint the next year, and that incident led her to deal with her agoraphobia head-on. After the family moved to Savannah in 1989, she decided to parlay her cooking experience into a clandestine catering service. She made sandwiches and other meals, and her sons delivered them.  See full bio on IMDb »

Paula Deen, I Got No Opinion on Kneeling, But My Husband's Disgusted

Paula Deen
I Got No Opinion on Kneeling ... But Hubby's Disgusted

Paula Deen is an accomplished chef, so it's no surprise she knows how to handle a hot potato ... kneeling during the National Anthem. We got Paula Friday night in WeHo leaving Craig's, and she… READ MORE >

Paula Deen -- Robe-Bust (PHOTO)

Paula Deen

Paula Deen's looking for all the support she can get on this season of "Dancing with the Stars." She's gonna need it. READ MORE >

- 1289 days ago
Paula Deen -- 'DWTS' is Not a Reputation Resurrection (VIDEO)

Paula Deen
'DWTS' Is NOT a Reputation Resurrection

Paula Deen scoffed at the notion she was doing "Dancing with the Stars" to restore her reputation. Paula was in NYC, flanked by some pretty serious dudes, who clearly did not want her talking… READ MORE >

- 1302 days ago
Paula Deen -- Axes Social Media Manager ... Nice Twitter Repost, Ya Twit!

Paula Deen
Axes Social Media Mgr ... Nice Twitter Repost, Ya Twit!

Paula Deen's hitting the delete button on her social media manager for re-posting an old photo of her son Bobby in "brown face" ... which naturally reminded everyone of Paula's racist… READ MORE >

- 1358 days ago
Paula Deen -- Noel, Please! Bacon & Booze Holidaze

Paula Deen
Noel, Please! Bacon & Booze Holidaze

Paula Deen's hyping her new network with a Christmas-themed video that's dripping in syrupy sweet Southern charm. Also a ton of butter, and some bourbon for good measure. It's a whole scene with… READ MORE >

- 1554 days ago
Paula Deen -- Family Catches Sugar High for the Holidays

Paula Deen & Family
Catching Sugar High for Holidays

It's not clear what the hell is happening in this Paula Deen Christmas promo ... but one thing is for sure ... she and the fam are happy as butter-soaked clams.Deen put out this video of her… READ MORE >

- 1554 days ago
Paula Deen -- Receives Black Guy Seal of Approval

Paula Deen
Receives Black Guy Seal of Approval

Paula Deen finally got her hood pass re-instated ... so declares one African American photog -- a self-appointed ambassador for his race.Deen strolled through LAX Friday evening and was real… READ MORE >

- 1635 days ago
Paula Deen Restaurant Closes -- Sorry We Screwed You Over, But Here's Our Card!

Paula Deen Restaurant
Sorry We Screwed You Over ... But Here's Our Card!

The employees at Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House weren't sent packing empty-handed ... TMZ has learned they were given a business card and a list of restaurants in the area that are… READ MORE >

- 1818 days ago
Paula Deen Restaurant Closes -- Eatery At Center Of Racism Scandal Shuts Down

Paula Deen
Restaurant at Center of Racism Scandal Shuts Down

Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House -- the place where Paula Deen's empire crumbled -- just closed for good, and the way employees found out is just shocking.The company did NOT tell its… READ MORE >

- 1818 days ago
Dominique Wilkins -- I'm Taking Paula Deen's Diabetes Spokesperson Gig

Dominique Wilkins
Taking Paula Deen's Spokesperson Gig

Paula Deen's loss is Dominique Wilkins' gain ... the NBA legend is the new spokesperson for the diabetes medication that dumped Deen last year -- and he tells TMZ Sports he's focusing on educating… READ MORE >

- 1825 days ago
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